Trigger Point Injections in McHenry County

Trigger Points are painful, taut and tender fibers, or knots within muscles of various areas of the body. Some causes of Trigger Points are trauma, overuse of specific muscles, poor posture, and systemic, inflammatory conditions.

Trigger Point Injections utilize a sterile 1% Lidocaine solution injected directly into the muscles to alleviate the pain and tension associated with trigger points.

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It is common for a trigger point in the low to mid back to radiate pain and discomfort into the shoulders and neck. This neck and shoulder pain is likely to cause pain in the head that can be a dull ache or a sharp, intense pain.

Are Trigger Point Injections Right for Me?

If deep-tissue massage or trigger point therapy have given you limited relief of those "knots" in your upper back and shoulders, learn how Trigger Point Injections can be a safe, effective treatment for myofascial pain syndrome.

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